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Seven steps to buy your interested items from china online shops taobao tmall with English-Taobao.Com

1, choose items from, or other china shopping websites.

2, sent links Qty Color Size of these items to the email or Down The Taobao Order Form 

3, we quote your order and tell you how much fees you should pay,Click Here See the Fees.

4, we process your order as soon as your have paid.

5, we check, repack, weigh them when we get all of your items ( within 1-3 days), and then inform you to pay international shipping fees

6, your package will be sent to you and give you the truck number. see here: the taobao shopping international shipping 

7, wait to receive your package. During the shipment, you can track it with the tracking number we provide as soon as your package is sent 


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Well, taobao shopping, I have been look for English Taobao Shopping Helper 5 years agao. Since in 2004, Taobao is famous in China for online buying. But not escrow payment service. Taobao jump out around 2003, with the alipay payment way, oh, and free. ! Now I have almost reach 1000 buying score (T_T) spend a lot of money on it. Actually, it save a lot in my life. Now I use guys help me buy clothes, shoes, tights, camera, laptop, furniture, everything on it. Well, everywhere will exist the scammer, I think also in ebay or somewhere. I have been tricked 1 or 2 times as I could remember. But I think in this 5 years, Live in China ,taobao shopping with the taobao english save at least 10,000 RMB compare buy the good on road.

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